Three Haunts Hayride, Trail, and Woods

Panic in the Pines is a yearly Halloween haunt at Country Lane Tree Farm. There are 3 haunts which are all included in the price of your admission ticket. First board a wagon on the longest running, most interactive Haunted Hayride in NW Ohio. This hayride takes you deep into the dark backwoods of a 160 year old family farm. Looming Pines now grow where generations of the family tended crops. Winds tear through the pines carrying the screams of the souls departed, will you make it out of the ride? Or will the winds claim your soul too?

Next you enter the Walk Trail of Curiosities:
They say curiosity killed the cat… what does it do to people? Are you brave enough to find out?

Finally, enter the woods where clowns are learning and practicing evil new tricks to make your nightmares reality.

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